Currently Designing…

 In just a few days I will be attending a baby shower for my cousin’s wife. At first I didn’t know what to wear so I decided to make something. Now since I don’t know how to draft a bodice, I only had the option of making a skirt or a pair of pants. I wanted to design something on trend so I designed a flared skirt as well as a pair of culottes.    I went fabric shopping keeping in mind the floral trend which I would be incorporating into my flared skirt. For my culottes I got a cotton stretch that resembles denim but has more white than blue in it. Before I cut my pieces out from the fashion fabric I need to cut it out in muslin. For those who are not aware, muslin is a lightweight plain weave cotton fabric that is used to test the fit of a garment. The reason for using muslin before making an actual garment, is to prevent expensive mistakes. By being able to see the mistakes on the muslin you can go back to your draft and see if it was a drafting mistake or a sewing mistake.  Once all the pieces are cut out in muslin, I can begin to sew the pieces all together. If there are no problems with the muslin skirt then I will cut out the pieces in my fashion fabric and sew up my floral patterned skirt. To see how it turns come back soon!


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