What Do I Wear This With ? -Hat Edition

Since there is such a variety of hats some may not know what to wear with one. Should they dress casual or should they dress a little more formal? Well, I’m here to tell you the when and the how to’s on wearing a hat.

Starting off we have the Fedora Hat, which became popular when Prince Edward of Britain first wore one in 1924. These hats are primarily made of felt which gives the hat a more upscale feel and for that reason can be worn with a more formal outfit. However, it can be worn with more casual pieces if done right. Felt fedoras are great to invest in especially since they are so versatile. You can wear them all year round for optimal use. If you want to wear a fedora with a super laid back outfit go for the straw fedora. It’s lightweight and breathability is great for those summer days!  As seen on the featured picture, I paired the fedora hat with simple accessories, a black lace top, boyfriend jeans and black cut out heels. Note: you can also pair the hat, top and jeans with sneakers!  

Next we get back to the basics with a Baseball Cap. We first saw these hats in the beginning of the 20th century. There are many variations in which these hats are made. The classic fabric used is wool however they are now made in polyester, denim, leather, and lycra for a fitted yet adjustable fit. These hats are great for everyday use with casual pieces. In the featured picture, I paired a powder blue woven cap with a white and black striped jersey knit top, accessories that give a pop of colour, white cropped trousers, and black cross over slip ons.   

Lastly, we have the Floppy Sun Hat. A classic staple hat for the summer, the floppy sun hat was made popular in the 1970s.  These hats are primarily made of felt and have minimal structure in its wide brim. With its boho hippie feel these hats go great with high waisted pants or just a plain printed sun dress. Floppy sun hats are mostly for the summer however you can wear them in the fall. If wearing them in the fall choose rich colours such as maroon or navy blue. For the summer, stick with neutrals such as beige or light heather grey. I paired this style of hat with a dark beige Jersey knit top, chucky jewelled accessories, a pale pink maxi skirt and beige heels. Note: For a more casual look with this outfit opt for a strappy sandal.


Leave a comment below if you have an item you are not too sure on how to wear!


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