What Do I Wear This With ? -Gladiator Edition

Gladiators are being seen absolutely everywhere! Whether you wear short or tall glads’, you’ll be comfortable yet stylish all at once. Inspired by Ancient Rome, these sandals were first made fashionable in the 60s. Miniskirts were popular and allowed gladiator sandals to be showcased.

Although I used only knee high gladiators in the featured set, there are three main sizes seen in the market. Starting off we have the ankle gladiator sandal. These were first seen in the 3rd century by the Romans. This ankle height sandal is extremely versatile as they are short enough to go with pants or a short skirt. For that reason, they are great for everyday use since you can pair them with absolutely anything.   

Next we have the mid calf gladiator. These were first seen in the 18th century and is a little less versatile than the ankle glads. Since the height of these are higher there are less outfits that can be worn with these. Preferably these glads should be worn with a knee length dress or skirt.

Lastly, we have the knee high glads. The knee high glads became popular in the late 60s early 70s. This style of gladiator shoes are best paired with outfits that are above the knee. Whether it’s denim shorts or a mini, these glads will make your outfit pop. Since the height of the glads are dramatic, it makes this style the least versatile out of the three. However, the height is what makes these glads a statement piece.


Leave a comment below if you have an item you are not too sure on how to wear!


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