What Should I Wear ? – Back To School Edition

For these three sets I incorporated trends that will be seen for Fall/Winter 2015. This post is mainly to give everyone just some ideas on what to wear to school but stay tuned for my next post as I will be talking about the trends for Fall/Winter 2015.

First we have an outfit that is really casual but fashion forward. I wanted the main focus to be the fabulous plaid poncho. It would belted at the waist with a brown suede belt and paired with a grey tank top and a dark red pair of jeans. To add another accent item I chose a brown leather backpack.


For the second set we have a shearling jacket, olive top and denim pants. I really wanted to make the shearling jacket more up to date seeing as it is a thing of the past and some may not know what to pair it with. For that reason, I kept this look on the more minimal side. You don’t want to over power the outfit especially since you already have a statement jacket. For the shoes I chose to keep it simple seeing as some people stay at school for long periods of time and want to be comfortable.  Also, to keep with the neutral theme I went with my favourite, the bucket bag.

Lastly, we have my favourite of the bunch and a more professional look. One of my favourite pieces this season is the long vest. I will be making one so stay tuned to see how it comes out. I decided to stick with a minimal colour palette so that the outfit can be showcased as a whole and not as eye popping individual pieces. I paired the vest with a white chunky knit sweater and dark denim pants. To keep with the theme I choose a black leather tote and ankle boots.


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