Currently Designing …

I have now started third semester and this is when we get into the more challenging  garments. I have never made a dress but I am super excited to get into it and start creating. This semester I have to make two different dresses. For my first dress I’m choosing the third one in this picture. There are guidelines we have to follow such as including a collar and sleeves. It also needed to be a dress that can be worn in the workplace. My dress includes a Band Collar, Princess Seams, Slash Pockets, Kimono Sleeves and Slits on either side of the dress. I will be using a Beurdeux Twill fabric seeing as it is Fall.


I’m much more excited about my second dress. It’s for draping class and I have never draped before so I am excited to see how it comes out. The design has to be approved by my professor and hopefully she likes it. There are a few directions I wants to go with and I would love to hear what you guys think! The first idea I have is a separate bodice and skirt that would have princess seams. Going down on the sides of the bodice would be pleats. In addition, going down the centre bodice and centre skirt would also be pleats. The colour I would go for would be a Burgundy.
The other option I was thinking was an asymmetrical above the knee dress. It would have gathers coming from the right breast to the left side waist and then down to the knee. I would make this dress out of a Gold Lycra or out of a deep Blue Green colour.



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