Fall/Winter 2015 Trends

It’s my favourite time of the year F A L L πŸ‚. Since it is here I decided to start off the season by telling you all what the trends are for this season. There’s no doubt that the 70s are back. There’s suede, fringe, shearling and let’s not forget flared hemlines. In addition, pleats, fur, velvet, long vests and all black are among the trends for the Fall/Winter season of 2015.

The colours for the Fall/Winter season are earthy neutrals and bold colours that reflect an everchanging landscape. These colours give a sense of fantasy and fun which is the perfect way to enlighten the Fall/Winter mood. The colour of the year is Marsala which is a wine based colour with red and brown tones. With its natural earthiness it is trending in apparel, make up and even hair industries.

 Here is a list of all the colours trending for Fall/Winter 2015.pantone-colours-fall-winter-pinterest

For prints, plaid, houndstooth, and herringbone are all staples when it comes to this time of the year. However, winter blooms, patchwork and vivid graphics are just some of the print trends for this season. We usually see florals for Spring/Summer but this trend has trickled into the Fall/Winter season.

Elie Saab -Haute Couture elle.com

With the cold weather approaching there are a variety of fabrics used for the Fall/Winter. Going with the 70s theme there was shearling, suede, velvet and fur. I feel as though fur is a classic item to have in your wardrobe seeing as it never goes out of style.

Sonia Rykiel -Fall 2015 treshautediva.com

Flared out style details is probably my favourite thing about this season. This style allows you to be comfortable and look effortless all at once. Flared out garments are especially great for our time seeing as every woman has a different shape. Since it has no major seams it works for every girl. It also continues on with the theme that has been seen throughout the season so I’d say you should give it a try!

Ellery -Fall 2015 style.com

To enhance the already existing flared silhouette, big belts can be added. They are primarily worn at the natural waist level and no matter what shape you are it will look good. You can wear them with a pegged dress or with a pleated skirt since they basically go with anything.

Alexander McQueen -Pre Fall 2015 vogue.com


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