Halloween DIY Costume

I was never one to buy a full costume just to be used for one day. Also, we all have items that can be used not only for daily wear but for a one time occasion. This year I decided to be a Sugar Skull which comes from the celebration in Mexico, Dia De Los Muertos.

This three day celebration is celebrated by the people in central and south Mexico. The purpose of this celebration is to remember the loved ones who have passed on. Sugar art was originally from Italian missionaries in the 17th century. They would create different items to adorn the side of the alter during Easter. In the 18th century, the people of Mexico learned sugar art quickly from Friars. Sugar skulls, represent a departed soul and usually have the name of the spirit they are remembering.

The basic items you will need for your makeup are:

-White Foundation

-Black Eyeliner

-Black Eye Shadow

-Bright Coloured Eye Shadow

-Red Lipstick

-Stick On Jewels or Glitter

The first thing you want to do is moisturize your face. Next, you want to paint your face with the white foundation, but don’t fill in your eye sockets and the tip of your nose. For the eyes, line out the shape of the eye sockets using black eye liner. Fill in the eye sockets with the eye shadow and add a bit of water while applying so that it can have better coverage. Next, you want to take the bright eye shadow that you have chosen and go around the eye sockets making flower petals. Once you have done this, trace around the petals with the black eye liner.

For the nose, trace the shape you are trying to achieve. You can do an upside down heart, a spade shape or a pear shape. You can fill it in with the black eye shadow or with the liner. Next, you can fill in your lips with the red lipstick and add the illusion of teeth on either side of your mouth by using the eye liner. If you want a more intense look you can contour the teeth, cheeks and forehead. Lastly, you want to adorn your face with designs. You can do this with stick on jewels, glitter, and eye liner. I opted for swirls and dots for my look.

For the head piece I didn’t have a flower crown. I made one by getting some fake flowers and a headband. I positioned them first to get a feel of where I wanted them and then using a glue gun attached them. For my outfit I wore a black lace top and black high waisted jeggings. Overall I spent about $15 on this look.



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