Currently Designing… 

Making garments is much more exciting now a days especially since I now know how to put in linings. For my first stylized dress I’m using a Twill fabric that is black and red. For the lining I’m using a Bremberg lining which is one of the best types to use.  This dress has 21 pieces which is the most I’ve ever worked with.

This time around I have to complete a series of specification sheets that outline in detail all of the requirements of the garment. These sheets or spec pack are necessary in the industry since different companies complete different parts of garments.

 For my draped dress I’m using a sweetheart block since we have yet to learn how to drape a sweetheart neckline on the Judy. Once I cut out the pieces for the bodice I basted the seam allowances so that it is much easier to work with. I’m so excited to see how the final products will look like. Stay Tuned!


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