My Latest Purchase – Ankle Booties

I have been wanting to purchase casual ankle booties for a while now and I finally got to purchase them! Some think having a birthday on Christmas Eve is not beneficial but it actually is. During the holidays there are so many great deals which is good for me since I get some monetary gifts for my birthday. Upon searching for the perfect booties, I found that Aldo had the best selection. However, they were out of stock in some styles which is the down side of shopping during the holiday season. They didn’t have my size in the ones I originally wanted.



The booties I then decided to go for were the KYNA booties. The only had them in an 8.5 so I purchased them for $70.00 and they delivered them to my house. I was so excited to try them on and when I finally did I was a bit disappointed. Firstly I felt that the fit was a bit too big and I should’ve gone with a size 8. Secondly, I didn’t like the way the ankle area of the boot was too wide for my leg.

KYNA $70.00

I took them back to an ALDO that had a smaller selection of boots, but I did end up finding the perfect ones for me. I went with the SASSI booties. They are all black and have no zipper but the extra stretch band allows for an easy way to put them on and take them off. They have some croc detailing and are much smaller around the ankle opening.

SASSI $64.98


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