Fall / Winter 2016 Trends

The staple elements of Fall/Winter that we’re used to seeing were represented innovatively this season. This years Fall/Winter colour theme promotes relaxation and positivity with subtle as well as strong hues. The palette allows for an escape from the average Fall/Winter hues.

Here are the colours you will see for Fall/Winter 2016 according to Pantone:

Cristiano Burani – Fall 2016

Light reflecting fabrics such as velvet, vinyl and lurex were present in various type of garments. These fabrics are great to use if you are going for a sophisticated look. Lurex is a great fabric to go with since it is versatile and can elevate any outfit.


Balenciaga – Fall 2016

One of the staple prints for Fall/Winter is definitely plaid. To update the plaid trend we typically see for this season, designers opted for a neutral colour such as Sharkskin or Warm Taupe. If you are looking to wear this trend but aren’t fond of wearing it head to toe, buy garments that have subtle accents of this pattern.


Jacquemus- Fall 2016

Moving onto silhouettes, one of the coolest trends is the extra length added to sleeves. The extra long sleeve makes an intriguing adjustment to the overall silhouette of garments. This adjustment is already dramatic enough, however some designers added even more drama with extra flare in the sleeve.


Alexander Wang- Fall 2016

Adding an extra element to their designs, designers added metal details to many garments that came down the runway. These metal details came mostly in the form of a silver ring in a variety of sizes. This trend is great since it can be easily incorporated into your current wardrobe. You can add some to a simple t-shirt going down the side seams or even add them to your hair as an accessory.


Lanvin- Fall 2016

Another trend that can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe is the embellished choker trend. This trend started off simple with very minimal detail on chokers however this season designers embellished their chokers with beads, rhinestones and metals intertwined. You can easily adjust your current chokers by adding gems yourself, DIY style!


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