Currently Designing …

One of the trends this past season was the slip/pj trend where women would wear a day dress that looks like a slip or a blouse that looks like a pj shirt. Playing on this trend I decided to make my own bralette. I started off with the shape I wanted to go for which was simply two triangles for the apex and a band going around the bottom. I grabbed my bodice blocks and began to trace out the front and back.

Once I was done, I created the shapes I needed for the bralette and then began to trace out the pieces. I then added the seam allowance to the pieces and proceeded to cut them out. I pinned the pieces to the fabric and and cut the pieces out. Starting with the inside pieces, I sewed together the centre front apex piece to the front side piece at the princess line. I then attached the front band to the left and right back band pieces at the side seam. I repeated this for the outside pieces.

I attached the inside to the outside at the bottom and sandwiched the trim in between. I continued all along the outer edge of the garment and attached the straps along the way. Leaving an opening right under the bust, I flipped everything inside out and then began to topstitch along the outer edge. Lastly, I attached two metal stud buttons at center back for a closure.

The final product can be used with a white t-shirt underneath or by itself. It can be paired with black high waisted flared pants or a high waisted pencil skirt.


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