What Should I Bring? -Caribbean Vacation 

To escape the frigid winters of Canada, many people go on vacation to countries with much hotter climates. There are so many things to consider when deciding on what to pack. For a one week vacation down south, there will be hot weather as well as fun activities you wouldn’t normally do. The three major categories to pack for are:

-swim outfits

-day outfits

-evening outfits


Lisa Marie Fernandez Bikini, Agent Provocateur Swimsuit, Seafolly Swimsuit

One of the most annoying things while on vacation is those pesky little tan lines you get. What makes it worse is when you have three different ones going on. I would say to bring a minimum of three swimsuits for a week down south. The first one you will want to bring is a strapless swimsuit because for the first couple of days you want to have a tan line free base. The remaining two swimsuits can be whatever style you want. They can have multiple straps or none at all. Either way you will look great since you got a nice base tan.

For day outfits, you will want to bring a minimum of four tops and three bottoms. Choose items from your closet that mix and match well and are made out of light weight breathable material. Also, if you know that you will be doing fun activities that require getting muddy, pack some old clothing so you don’t have to ruin the good stuff.

Havaianas, Adidas NMD Runners, Go Jane Strappy Wedges

For the evening outfits, you will want to pack a minimum of three. These can consist of multiple tops and bottoms, only dresses or a mixture of the two. As previously mentioned, if you go with only tops and bottoms, go with ones that are easily mixed and matched. As for shoes you can go with a minimum of three. Flip flops or slides for the pool and beach, sneakers for fun activities and wedges for those nights out.


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