My Latest Purchase

Hermes Spring/Summer 2017

Mini and micro bags were first seen on the runways in the beginning of 2016. At first glance you wonder what can actually fit into a bag that small which then makes you realize how much excess stuff you’re carrying around in your bigger bags. Most people have their small cross body bag they go to for a night out or just to do some quick errands. I, too, had my go to small cross body bag but felt I needed an update. This decision couldn’t have come at a better time seeing as all these cute mini and micro bags were all over the place. I decided to go on the hunt for my perfect mini cross body bag.

Forever21 has a good selection for minis, just not so much for micros. I had found the perfect micro but by the time I went to go get it, there were no more. This was totally fine since I ended up finding the perfect mini. I got a faux leather mini satchel that is black with gold detailing. It has two side pockets and the main pocket has a division with a zipper. The division with a zipper has more than enough room for your cards as well as money. It’s very versatile since it has handles and a cross body strap. Overall I am really happy with this purchase and if you are looking to downsize, there are so many shapes and colours to choose from. You will for sure find something that suits you when it comes to deciding between mini or micro.



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